Croquet Club's ambitious project

£16,750 ground restoration completed  

Bishop Monkton Croquet Club's £16,750 ground restoration project has now been completed with the land drains now installed, the ground levelled and grass seed sown. 

The area has now been fenced off, and it is expected the seed will establish itself until the first frosts and then resume growing in the spring. It is hoped the new lawns will be ready for use by June 2014

The project is aimed at eliminating the recurring flooding which has plagued the club in recent years, and levelling the lawns which had sunk in parts making the lawns unfit for serious croquet.

The project has involved four main phases:

1.  Removal of the existing turf  exposing the bare soil.
2.  Digging trenches and installing land drains at 7 metre intervals across the two lawns.
3.  The importing of 320 tons of top soil to enable the area to be levelled and flattened.
4.  The seeding of the two new lawns.

Half the money to finance the project has come from outside donors and half from members. The club is
greatly indebted to both of them.

The pictures below trace the progress of the project. .

THE REASON why the club had to take
some radical action.


END OF GAME: The turf is removed so drains can be laid.

TURFED OUT: The old turf is carted away thus ending five years of play.

LEVELLING OFF: The ground is levelled prior to laying drains.



PIPE DREAM: The perforated pipe
which will carry the water away.


DREAM COMING TRUE: One of the pipes being laid into a trench.


BIG LOAD: One of the  lorries which brought 320 tons of soil.


LASERS ensure the ground is made
level and flat.


FLAT AND EVEN: Now seed and
rabbit fencing have been added.

Contractor:  Hullah (Contractors) Ltd.                                                           Photos: John Hague & Richard Field