Most weeks we add a new page featuring something different from Bishop Monkton's past. It may be telling the story of one of our village institutions or organisations,  some celebrations or show or parade. There will be many pictures from the past - and YOU may appear in some of them. If so, let us share your memories .......


In navigation bar on left go to DOWN MEMORY LANE and click on any of the topics listed below:

Week 1 Plan then to build just seven bungalows
 Week 2 Trouble at Mill!
 Week 3 The old WI Hall - built for just £550!
 Week 4 How our new Village Hall came about
 Week 5 The village's first Cinderella in 1978
 Week 6 Village shows from years gone by
 Week 7 The first show in the new Village hall
 Week 8 Early shows for you to identify
Week 9 More shows for you to identify 
Week 10 More shows for you to identify 
Week 11  April Fools spoofs
Week 12  VE Day recalled in 1995
 Week 13 The story of our WI

The first part of this popular series is now completed and will 

resume after more topics have been identified and researched.