Down Memory Lane Week 10

A final chance to identify village shows from the past

Here's you final chance to name four more production put on by Bishop Monkton Entertainments Group over recent years.
You may have been in the audience for some of them or you may even have appeared on stage in some of them.
For how many can you name the production, the year it was staged and name at least some of those shown in the photo (from left to right)? Don‘t worry if you can’t remember everyone shown. Also send us any special memories of the show (if any).


Do you remember these shows?

Photos: Basil Birchall


Picture 11: Sheila Parsons says this was Magic Carpet from sometime in the Nineties. In the front row are, from left, Sheila Parsons, Judy Hague and Maggie Smith. Back row: ?, Jacquie Farrell and Phyl Jones.

Picture 13: Basil Birchall reminds us this scene was part of a Yorkshire village competition called 'The Parish Pump' which included putting on a play and ending with a tug o' war!  In the picture are Dean Culshaw with (seated from left) Phyl Jones, Alison Holley, Helen Smith and Jacquie Farrell.

Picture 14: Keith Pettitt tells us this is of the infamous ABBA pastiche that was unleashed on an unsuspecting village sometime in the 1990’s!

Those involved from left to right are:

Stuart Newsome as Benny

Keith Pettitt as Anni-Frid
Dean Culshaw as Agnetha
Tony Garnett as Bjorn.

Keith adds: 'Jane remembers the inordinate problems I had in putting tights on without making a hole in them!'.


                       You can still look back at earlier show pictures and read the feedback                                we have received from our readers.

NEXT WEEK we will publish pictures recalling April Fool spoofs we have included on the website.