Down Memory Lane Special    Week 11

News we brought you which was almost unbelievable!


Below we remind you of some of the April Fool jokes we have published or considered publishing over the years. All good for a laugh! We hope you agree.


Going for Gold!

TO view game in progress go to TABLE TENNIS and open video at bottom of the page.

THE LATEST SPOOF:  This was to suggest that Head Ping Pong, a  variant of table tennis but using your head instead of a bat, was to become a new Olympic Sport at Tokyo in 2020.  We revealed that Bishop Monkton had got a head start by recruiting a team of headers, including one octoganarian, who were keen on 'Going for Gold'  The video reveals the new game is a gentle, relaxed and slow moving activity ideal for pensioners! 


Putting our playing field to new use!

AN EARLY SPOOF:  Not long after we'd moved into the new Village Hall and were making new use of the playing field, we set the cat among the pigeons by suggesting that the playing field was being turned into a vineyard and the hall into a winery showing it full of barrels. Only one or two teetotallers disapproved of this idea!



Magical properties of water in our beck!

A WONDER ELIXIR:  This spoof suggested that experts had discovered that the water in our beck contained just the right components to produce an amazing health promoting, youth enhancing and beauty guaranteeing wine. Here we show a picture of the Bishop Monkton Elixir de Beck which was to be marketed world wide (price £4.99). The idea never got off the ground!


Gondola rides on our beck

BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE: The idea of offering gondola rides on our beck to summer visitors was a very popular notion. There would be commercial opportunities for setting up kiosks along the bank selling pizzas, pasta and Neopolitan ice creams. Villagers with Italian ancestry were to be given priority in the rush to fill the half dozen gondolier positions. Sadly some villagers thought they were being taken for a ride with these ideas so the idea was shelved. Sad!


A multi storey car park idea

PIE IN THE SKY! Here is a suggested way of overcome the problem of overcrowding on the existing car park at the Village Hall. The entry point to the multi-story car park is on the left. The cost of parking for two hours was to be a modest £20. Somehow the idea did not get  overwhelming support from the village. Too much pie in the sky, they complained!


A bit of Irish baloney


THE IRISH ANGLE:  This was when there was talk of building an Irish Ford on Boroughbridge Road to overcome the occasional risk of flooding. In the end there was no Irish Ford - and none of these alternative ideas took off either!


We are grateful to Zillah Horner who contributed many of the ideas for these spoofs, using her combined skills of artist and photo image manipulator.