VE-Day re-visited Down Memory Lane Week 12

Remembering the day 
we won the war

If you don't go back that far you may well have attended the VE Day 50th anniversary celebrations held in the village in 1995. Today we recall that special weekend when the village enjoyed a big parade, street party and special show and dance at the old WI Hall.

Two villagers who well remember that weekend in 1995 are Sheila Parsons and Pauline Beecroft who got together this week to reminisce and to dig out some of photos of the occasion. Basil Birchall has also dipped into his archives to find more. 


On Parade 



Making a splash


Party time


Show time



If this page has brought back memories for you, or if you can identify yourself in one of the pictures, we'd love to hear from you.  Send details and memories of the occasion  to EditorBMToday@aol