Down Memory Lane Week 5

Memories of Cinderella

It's panto time again. Oh yes it is! with Cinderella being staged by the Bishop Monkton Entertainments Group on February 15, 16 and 17 (and tickets selling fast!)

So it is appropriate this week to look back at the earlier Cinderellas put on in the village.

We think (and we could be wrong) there will have been three of them - in 1978, 2005 and of course 2018.

We have managed to find two pictures of the first Cinderella staged, of course, in the old WI Hall, and they appear below. A bit nippy, too!


CINDERELLA 1978:  John Burney with others in what we think was the first panto put on in the village. Picture kindly sent to us by Sheila Burney.


Joanna, Peter Garside's daughter, playing Cinderella in the 1978 production here. Photo kindly supplied by Peter and Pip Garside.



Other snippets

Peter Garside was BMEG pianist for many years and Zillah Horner made him fingerless gloves to keep him warm in the old WI Hall.

Florence Bowes and Mervyn Beecroft were the ugly sisters in the 1978 Cinderella.

Angie Archbold has appeared in three Cinderellas. In 1978 she was a kitchen maid singing her very own solo, 'All I want to a room somewhere'. She was Dandini in the 2005 production (see photo above with Pauline Beecroft) and this year she is Buttons. 

How many others of you have appeared in three or more pantos? We'd love to hear from you.

Can anyone list the pantos staged in Bishop Monkton over the years?  Here's a starter:  1978: Cinderella ...... now list as many more as you can!

How many Cinderelas have been staged here?  Is it three, four or more?

DID YOU appear in either the 1978 or 2005 Cinderella? If so, send a photo and/or memories to EditorBMToday so we can add to the list of snippets.



Next week we will publish pictures of six other BMEG show stage in earlier years.

See if you can name the show and the people shown on stage.

It should be fun!