Down Memory Lane Week 6

Which of these six shows can you remember?

Below we publish six photos from different shows which have been staged by Bishop Monkton Entertainments Group over recent years.

You may have been in the audience for some of them or you may even have appeared on stage in some of them.

For how many can you name the production, the year it was staged and name at least some of those shown in the photo (from left to right)? Don‘t worry if you can’t remember everyone shown. Also send us any special memories of the show (if any).


Do you remember these shows?


Photos: Basil Birchall




Sheila Parsons has told us this is a picture showing the cast of Snow White which starred Sue Graham.

Keith Pettitt recalls that he was plucked from the chorus to play the King when John Hague fell ill with flu for the first two nights. Keith recalls:'I had to read the script on stage both nights and was manoeuvred round the stage by other members of the cast to get me in the right position!  I didn't know the music for the two songs I had to sing (Up from the Ashes, Grow the Roses of Success) much less the words and the result was much as you would expect. Thankfully John Hague returned for the Saturday performance'.


Sheila Parsons says this is Aladdin with Pauline Beecroft, Amy Holley, Jacquie Farrell, Helen Smith, Phyl Jones and Stuart Newsome.


Angie Archbold writes: This is of a pantomime Puss in Boots I wrote. It was staged in 1997. I remember it well because I was pregnant with Rebecca, my younger daughter. I ended up playing the back end of the pantomime horse!

Cast included: Pauline Beecroft (Puss), Stuart Newsome (Mother), Dean Culshaw (Tom), Bill Bradshaw (Dick), Sheila Parsons (Tracey), Alex Bradshaw (Solicitor), Keith Pettitt (Villain), Basil Birchall (King), Jacquie Farrell (Queen), Tony Garnett (Butler), Rory and David Richold (horse), Richard Houseman (Cecil, the village idiot), Florence Bowes (Flo), Jane Pettitt (Jo), Sam Newsome (Alex Roberts) and Nicholas Culshaw (Lucy Armitage). Among those in the children's chorus were: Gemma Baker, Alexandra and Matthew Culshaw, Emily and Hazel Cottrell and Mark Pettitt.


Keith Pettitt recalls this was the time when the whole village got involved in marking the anniversary of VE Day and set in a tube station during the blitz. The two pictures show scenes from a special show staged in the old WI Hall.  Picture 4 shows Judy Hague, Ken Barker, Keith Pettitt, Tony Garnett, Stuart Newsome and Dean Culshaw with Pauline Beecroft in the centre foreground.

Sheila Parsons recalls the day also included a big parade round the village and she remembers that Tommy Hartley, Richard Houseman and Mervyn Beecroft were American GIs, and Tommy drove an old car round the village. Pauline Beecroft, Sheila Parsons, Phyl Jones and Judy Hague took the roles of  nurses from down the ages.

The Lamb & Flag served war-time food and there was a Forties Dance in the WI Hall which was given a  war-time look.

Sheila says: 'I am sure that whole occasion would merit a whole feature of its own (Yes, we already have some pictures and will do just that another week in the Down Memory Lane series - Editor).


See if you can help identify PICTURE 5. We'd like to know the name of the  show, the date it was staged and any of those in the cast you can name.

Send you answers to 

These will be added as they reach me!

NEXT WEEK we will publish details of the Cinderella staged in 2005.