Cinderella 2005

The show when Cinderella almost didn't get to the ball!

In this week when almost everyone will be going to see the latest Cinderella at the Village Hall, we look back at another previous Cinderella, this one staged here in February, 2005.

The three pictures below, supplied by Rory and David Richold, recapture scenes from that production.


THE MAIN CAST: Alison Whincup (Prince Charming), Angela Archbold (Dandini), Steve Barlow (Baron Hardup), Jacquie Farrell (The Baroness), Rory Richold (Maxie Mum), Sue Graham (Minnie Mum), Lucinda Bishop (Cinderella), Dave Richold (Buttons), Richard Houseman (Major Domo), Nick Edmondson (Town Crier) and Pauline Beecroft (Fairy Godmother). Also seen are members of the chorus.

Maxie Mum (Rory Richolds) helps Minnie Mum (Sue Graham) get ready for the ball. Looking on are Prince Charming (Alison Whincup) and Jacquie Farrell (The Baroness).

Cinderella (Lucinda Bishop) hears from Buttons (Dave Richolds) that she too has an invitation to the ball.


Almost an eleventh hour hitch for this 

first show in new Village Hall

It was a nail-biting run-up for all involved in the Bishop Monkton  Entertainments Group's performance of Cinderella on Thursday. 

The ball almost didn't happen at all, let alone Cinders getting to it on time, because it was only at the eleventh hour - on the Monday before - that Harrogate Borough Council granted an entertainments licence.

With the announcement on Thursday morning that the Prince of Wales was to marry Camilla Parker Bowles, the group's chosen performance, Cinderella - a performance which revolves around a prince marrying a woman many believe to be inappropriate for him - somehow seemed to be held at a very appropriate time.

And I was one of the privileged few who got to witness history in the making, because it was the first ever performance held in the brand new Bishop Monkton Village Hall. Overall the performance came across as very professional and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. 

An extract from the Ripon Gazette of 18 February, 2005 and written by George Hinton.


LOOK OUT NEXT weekend for No 8 in our series where we publish six more photos from BMEG productions of years ago - and again ask you to name one or more of the shows, tell us the names of some of the people in the pictures,  and say when the show was staged.