Down Memory Lane Week 9

Yet more village productions for you to try and identify

Below we publish four more photos from different shows which have been staged by Bishop Monkton Entertainments Group over recent years.
You may have been in the audience for some of them or you may even have appeared on stage in some of them.
For how many can you name the production, the year it was staged and name at least some of those shown in the photo (from left to right)? Don‘t worry if you can’t remember everyone shown. Also send us any special memories of the show (if any).


Do you remember these shows?



                                                                                                                           Photos: Basil Birchall


Angie Archbold throws light on three of the pictures. She writes:

Number 11 is, I think, the review we did to see in the Millennium 2000. I remember I was a spice girl, but we did do the spice girls in two reviews.

Number 12 is, I think, the Golden Goose. I remember Pauline Beecroft was the goose and constantly had me in stitches when she laid eggs. I can not remember the name of my character but I know Laura Day was my partner.

Number 13  This is another picture of a pantomime Puss in Boots I wrote. It was staged in 1997. I remember it well because I was pregnant with Rebecca, my younger daughter. I ended up playing the back end of the pantomime horse!

We also know that:

Number 14 shows Val Walmsley with a group of youngsters from a show which has not been identified.

Thanks for these details!

NEXT WEEK we will publish pictures of four final early shows for you to identify.