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Trouble at mill!

WEEK 2:  8 JANUARY 2018


THE PAPER MILL in 1910 when it was still thriving and providing employment for a number of local men.

                                                            Photo: from Local History Group picture archive


Orders boost staves off mill closure

A sudden boost in orders has staved off the possible closure of Bishop Monkton Paper Mill and removed for the time being the threat of redundancy that has hung over its 26 employees since last autumn.

But the mill’s managing director Coun. Alec Renton warned this week that although the order books were full at present there was no certainty about the future.

The mill trades under the name of Butterfield and Renton and manufactures paper products for industry a such as car engine gaskets and special papers for filing suppliers.

Newspaper cutting dated 2 February 1976 from one of Elizabeth Wilkinson’s albums.


   WEEK 1:  1 JANUARY 2018


This is what might have been



Planning permission sought for 7 bungalows

Outline planning permission has been applied for in respect of the Village Hall and Community Facilities, along with application by the donor of the land for 7 bungalows. As soon as this application has been approved everyone in the village will be advised and have the opportunity to attend a public meeting to adopt the Constitution of the Management Trustees of the Bishop Monkton Community Facilities.

Extract from Bishop Monkton Community Facilities Newsletter. Vol 1 No 1 August 1996.



Safety approaching the crossroads

Here is something that many may not be aware of or others might  have forgotten. Of course, Harrogate Borough Planning have conveniently forgotten about it  or just overridden what was an integral aspect of the original Planning Permission which is displayed in your plan. 
An integral part of the planning permission given by Harrogate BC Planning for the development of 7 bungalows back in 1996 was that, for safety reasons, NONE should have direct access onto the Knaresborough Road.  Because of the slope and the cross roads all should be accessed off the internal road which itself would join to the Knaresborough Road at the top of the incline, the safest position available. 
That remained so during some subsequent plans and applications.
However, through a series of amended  planning applications in the last few years, Harrogate BC Planning has totally ignored that safety requirement.  The current (approved) development has two direct accesses coming down the slope to the crossroads, one servicing 3 houses and the other 2.  So much for the sensible wisdom of the original planning constraint!  So much for our safety.
- Martin Minett



Pet Show 1996

Result of Pet Show at Hog Roast and Family Fun Day on Monday 27 May 1996.

Dog with the most waggly tail
l. Julie Cooney (Cavalier King Charles)
2 John Hague (Jack Russell)
3 Phil Jones (Collie Cross)

Best groomed cat
1 Andy Bradshaw (Grey Burmese)
2 Jane Taplin (long hair)

Most unusual pet
1 Richard Houseman (Stuffed parrot)
2 Nick Holley (|Large rabbit)
3.Dean Culshaw (Mopanie worms)

Pet most like its owner
1. Georgina Benson (with Moss)
2. Sheila Parsons (with Sam)
3. Arthur (with Mansell)

Extract from Bishop Monkton Community Facilities Newsletter. Vol 1 No 1 August 1996.



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