Bumper Hog Roast raises £2,500

A round up of the 25th (or was it the 24th) big day 

Gerald takes a well-earned sit down just 12 hours after a day which started for him at 4am. He still  had to watch out for bouncing golf balls being fired in his direction over the beck!

By Gerald Shervington

Well the total raised at the Hog Roast Day is in.  It's a whopping £2,500!.

This year which was our 25th year (some say our 24th!) we decided to do things slightly different, I know the old adage goes ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ but we decided to shake things up this year.

The hog; all six foot and 250lb of it was collected from Lister's Farm Shop on Sunday by Rob Henley and myself, and, as usual, it was ‘stored’ in Basil and Barbara Birchall’s drive.

At 4am prompt, Tony Young, Richard Houseman, Mervyn Beecroft and yours truly wheeled it out, we then chined it and lit the oven at 4.30am, the idea being we would eat at 1.30pm.

We were quite concerned that the wind would blow the oven out, Richard said that he would have a look after his walk at 6am, Mervyn took the 7am watch and I stopped in bed!

The Monkton Muscle (MM) was in attendance again (and many thanks to all those who got out of bed early on Monday morning to help put-up) there where tractors and trailers filled with tables, chairs, loudspeaker, bunting, not forgetting Stancy’s fluffy pigs!

Everything was in place for a 12 noon start!

The weather was good albeit windy, but we’re a hardy lot us Monktoners!

So the 25th (or 24th?) annual hog roast started on time and what a day it was!

There were people everywhere, obviously is was a bit more condensed this year with games almost overlapping but this really made for a ‘fun filled exciting day’

Angie Archbold was as per normal in ‘full flow’, ducks were being sold by Graham and Marilyn, Steve Simpson was doing his this on the tombola, Stancy’s pigs were racing for all the punters, Peter and Jane Taplin had their big trains out, Dave Walker has his small trains out, Have I missed anyone out?- hope not!

Oh nearly forgot about Florence on the cake stall! Did you see those cakes!! WOW, well done ladies (and possibly a man or two).

Then there were the Tearooms in the Methodist Chapel. These actually opened early when two cyclists seeing the signs stopped and had a well earned break.

Peter Hoyle was entertaining kids and adults alike with his take on Barnes Wallis’s bouncing bombs (or should I say golf balls)

Dave and Carole were selling Lucky Squares, the Lamb & Flag and Mason’s Arms were both chocker.

There was a total of 16 table tops selling their wares and by all accounts things were going like hot cakes.

A total of 400 hog sandwiches were served by the eight people manning the stall together with 50 or so sausages, Sue Hoyle made the sage and onion stuffing this year and everyone I spoke to said if was fantastic.

At 4pm, the Monkton Muscle stepped up to the plate again and took the whole thing down just before the rain started.

I think the new format worked and believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

So, what did we make I hear you ask again?

Well we made a magnificent £2,500!! The proceeds  are going towards new doors to the Village Hall.

Here’s to the 26th (or 25th!) Hog Roast.

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