Three 'wows' for Hannah's idea!

Monkton males strut their stuff to raise £5,000 for charity

The calendar showing 14 bold faced but chilly bare bottomed village males in a novel Bishop Monkton calendar has now raised almost £5,000 for  Macmillan Cancer Support.

The idea of a male version of the Calendar Girls venture, which proved such a hit a few years ago, was the brainchild of Hannah Duffield,  a nurse at Harrogate District Hospital, who saw it as a way of raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of family friend Robin Peters who died from the disease this autumn.

At the outset it was by no means certain whether enough of our menfolk would want to reveal all (or almost all) to get the idea off the ground,  but this doubt proved ill  founded when more than a dozen quickly volunteered to take part. Many had been affected by cancer issues and some had beaten the disease themselves.

The chosen team agreed to pose in various states of undress at familiar landmarks around Bishop Monkton such as the Lamb & Flag, the Masons Arms, the village cockadoodle, the bridge over the beck and the cricket ground. 
There are no reports of twitching curtains during the photo-shoot!

The models who took part in the project were: Martin Searle, David Way, Trevor Pawson, Oliver Coughlin (new Dad!), Mike Kent, David Venables, Gerald Shervington, Richard Flockton, Peter (Bomber) Duffield, Tommy Hartley, Richard Taylor, Dave Whincup, Neil Armstrong plus one other.

All set out one recent chilly Sunday morning to pose at various locations round the village and later the models were each assigned appropriate months on which to flaunt their fine (well mostly fine) physiques. 

The photographs were taken by Nigel Baldwin and his wife.

The calendars have proved an instant hit, and queues formed outside the Lamb & Flag and the Masons Arms where they were snapped  up at £10 each, with the proceeds all going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Nearly all the calendars have been sold and you'll have to hurry if you still want one. A few are still available at the Lamb & Flag or from Hannah. What  better stocking filler could you find!

Well done the men of Bishop Monkton who sportingly agreed to take part.  What self respecting Bishop Monkton lady will be without one of these calendars to grace her kitchen wall?

But the intriguing question now, after this Calendar Boy triumph, is:  How do we follow that?

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