New housing plans for Bishop Monkton

Three sites earmarked to build a possible 112 new houses

THE ABOVE PLAN shows the three sites allocated for housing in Bishop Monkton in the latest Local Plan drawn up by Harrogate Borough Council.

Tha largest site BM2 is flanked by Moor Road and  Knaresborough Road and was the former village allotments. It is planned to build 40 houses here.

Abutting it is the site BM4 where it is now planned in an extended area to build another 46 houses, 30 more than had been announced at a village presentation.

Futher down Knaresborough Road is site BM3 which is almost opposite the Church and backs on to the Caravan Park. Here it is planned to build 26 houses.

The red line indicates the draft development limit.

SITE BM2 where 40 houses may be built.

So altogether the three sites could accommodate 112 houses which, when added to 18 now being built by Kebbell Homes adjacent to the Playing Fields, adds up to a total of 130 planned new houses. 

The three new building sites and the houses planned on them will now be subject to a six week consultation period starting on July 14 and concluding on August 25.  At this point nothing is finalised, and the plans could be amended again.

Also included in the draft Local Plan (but not shown on the map above) are three other possible future sites. Two are on Boroughbridge Road (BM1 and BM5), and the third (BM6) is on the north side of Knaresborough Road, behind the Parish Churchyard and almost opposite allocated site BM3.

These three areas are designated as SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment)  sites and have been put forward by local land owners or their agents.  There is no certainty whether or not they will be allocated for housing at a later stage.

After the period of consultation the Local Plan will be revised as necessary and then submitted to the Secretary of State in the winter of 2017 with a view to it being finalised in 2018.

For further details go to Village Forum - views on additional sites.


Record attendance at Parish Open Meeting

Over 60 villagers attended the best ever attended annual Parish Open Meeting at the Village Hall.

The large attendance was put down to the interesting agenda which include a number of items relating to building plans for the village, including the allocation and eligibility to apply for affortable houses.

Jane Fowler, Chairman of Bishop Monkton Parish Council , welcomed those who attended and said the aim was to provide improved communication between the Council and the public. Methods being used include the newly-introduced public particiaption session at the start of Council meetings, the use of the Council's own website and BishopMonktonToday, the village website, and publication of the Parish Council Newsletter.

New noticeboards were being installed throughout the Village where Council agenda  minutes and details of events would be put on display.

Jane introduced Ben Cairns, the newly elected Parish Councillor and David Taylor, the new Parish Clerk.

She then introduced the outside speakers who included Steven Brook, Chief Executive, and Angela Aldis, Operations Manager of Harrogate Housing Association, and Jenny Wood, Development Manager Housing of Harrogate Borough Council. 

The speakers explained details of the  affordable housing which would be made available for eligible applicants from Bishop Monkton and five surrounding parishes. Shortly application forms for the affordable properties would appear on both the Council and Village websites. Early application was recommended to avoid disappointment.

Questions, mostly on housing matters, were forthcoming from the floor.

Roger Baker and Susan Fiest asked whether the drainage system could cope with the added demand put on it by the new houses when build and occupied.  The reply was that Yorkshire Water had responsibilty for this and had solutions in hand.

Martin Minett was concerned about the decline in the number of affordable houses being built in the Kebbell Homes development. In 2013, of the 18 houses being built nine were affordable, in 2015 the figures had dropped to eight  and in 2016 it had dropped again to six. Was this fair to young people in the village and first-time buyers, he asked?

He was told that Harrogate BC had been allowed to make the changes to ensure the overall project remained economically attractive.

Ken Barker asked why there had been such a delay in fitting a flap in the beck overlow system on Boroughbridge Road. This meant there was stagnant water left in pools.  He was told the work was still waiting to be undertaken


Local History Group asks for financial support

David Banks, Leader of Bishop Monkton Local History Group, gave details of the recent formation of this village group.  Over 40 villagers turned up at its inaugural meeting and all became founder members.

One probem was lack of finance in order to acquire furniture and equipment for a base and equipment to carry out various research. When Burton Leonard formed a similar group its Parish Council provided them with a start-up grant of £400.  

He wondered if Bishop Monkton Parish Council would make a similar gesture to our group. Jane Fowler said the request would go on the agenda for the next meeting.