Looking forward to looking back

Planned new website will provide an on-line Village Archive

THE PAPER MILL in 1910 when it was still thriving and providing employment for a number of local men.   Photo: from Local History Group picture archive.

Bishop Monkton's Local History Group wants to publish all the information it has collected on the village in a website linked to our own Bishop Monkton Today.

Provisonally called “Bishop Monkton Yesterday”, it will contain all the information collected by the many contributors over the years.

Material about many aspects of the village's life and history have featured in Bishop Monkton Today but this is only a fraction of the information available.

The Local History Group want to make all this available to everyone with our own “Wikipedia” type website that is open to all. Its hoped that this will expand to receive lots of other contributions.

The first job will be to scan all the information we have. For that we need access to a commercial scanner to process the several hundred pieces of separate information. Can anyone help? If you can let the Group have use of a commercial scanner, maybe for a weekend, this would really get this project under way.

Please contact Chris Bagnall on chrisbagnall52@gmail.com if you’ve got a scanner that could help do the job or want to help with the work


Long awaited. Now much anticipated!

Richard Field, Editor and founder of Bishop Monkton Today writes:

'I am delighted to hear about the Local  History Group's plans to create a website of its own, thereby providing a long discussed Village Archive which can be accessed, read and used by the whole village.

I welcome the idea of the new site running in conjunction with the existing news website Bishop Monkton Today because we will both provide different services and  meet completely different needs - one continuing to be a news website bringing the village all the present day news, and the History Group website specialising in chronicling and preserving news and details of the village's past.

I like the idea of the new site being called Bishop Monkton Yesterday (or Yesteryear) because it stresses the close links between the two sites, and the way the news site  can promote the other.

Good luck with the project. Long awaited. Now much anticipated!