Concern at crossroads

Is this 'an accident 
waiting to happen'? 

The letter below has been received by this website from Keith N,  an occasional visitor to the village. In it he expresses concern about the restricted  visibility caused by a new building at the village crossroads, and asks whether anyone checked the plans before building went ahead:

This is what he wrote:

'As a regular visitor to family in Bishop Monkton I enter the village from the Garden Centre road. At the crossroads I go straight over towards the village centre. I am surely not the only one to wonder how on earth the new building just on the left has been allowed to be constructed. 

There was never a great view to the left but now there is practically none so you head across the crossroads with your fingers crossed and just hope that nothing is coming. You can see no further than 50 yards and this is a major accident waiting to happen. Did anyone actually check the plans?'

Comment from the Parish Council

'We are very concerned about this junction'

Emma Oates, Chair of the Parish Council, has responded with the following reply:

'Thank you for this. I've had several similar complaints so I think its a great idea to get this on the website.

The plans for the alterations for the corner house, including the construction of the garage, came to the Parish Council, who voiced their concerns to HBC Planning Dept about the sight lines at the crossroads.

The Parish Council are merely consultees on all planning matters and the decision to pass or refuse planning permission is ultimately solely made by Harrogate Borough Council.

Once the garage was under construction, the Parish Council received correspondence from many concerned parishoners as the sight lines looking towards Ripon from the Moor Road crossroads were clearly impeded. The Parish Council duly followed these complaints up by contacting HBC Enforcement, who came out to inspect the work.

The inspection showed that the garage was encroaching on North Yorkshire Highways land by some 8 inches at the rear corner adjacent to the road. This is why the developer has altered the shape and reduced the size to be compliant with his planning approval. The Enforcement Officer did not feel it necessary for the developer to take the garage down and this is beyond Parish Council control.

However, we are very concerned about the junction, particularly in view of the Kebbell Homes development. We have a meeting planned with North Yorkshire Highways to ascertain a plan to calm the traffic in BOTH directions along Knaresborough Road. From the Ripon end, this will be incorporated as part of the Kebbell development and we are hoping to forge a way forward with Highways to get something in place coming from the Knaresborough end. We will of course keep the villagers informed'. 

Emma adds: 'All parishoners are very welcome to attend our meetings, where we have a 15 minute public session, for people to ask questions or voice opinions about anything which is on the agenda'