Responding to a heart attack emergency

Thank you for saving my husband's life

I would like to thank all of the people who contributed towards saving my Husband Oliver's life from the bottom of my heart.

Oliver collapsed outside our house (Dene Cottage) after suffering a major heart attack on Saturday morning. If it wasn't for the fast response of some amazing people (some villagers and some not) he wouldn't be with us today. 

Thank goodness for the defibrillator too! We all hope it would never be used, especially on a thirty-something year old!

Oliver is doing well and Finley and I can't wait to have him home.

Much love and with deepest gratitude.
Stancey Coughlan 


Let's use this as a wake-up call

Gerald Shervington, Chairman of the Village Hall & Playing Field Committee, has written this open letter to suggest that now is the time to do more to be ready to face another heart attack incident in the village:

Dear Editor - I was shocked to hear that Oliver Coughlan, a very healthy and active 30 odd year old, had had a massive heart attack in the middle of the village. I was also delighted to learn that the Village Hall defibrillator was used to great effect and actually helped to save his life. This is the first time the defibrillator (pictured above) has been used in the two years since we had it installed.

Is now not time to ask ‘Should we have more than one machine in the village,  possibly an additional two units, one at each public house? And  shouldn't we also encourage more villagers to join the village's First Responder team (Bishop Monkton Life Savers)?

Whilst we hope the defibrillators  are never used it would be comforting to know that we would be well covered in the event of another such incident.

Villagers will be pleased to know that the defibrillator used is back in its box outside the Village Hall and that the battery packs have been replaced, the unit been checked over and is back in a ready to use condition.

Following this incident, we have decided to run a refresher course in the use and operation of the defibrillator. This course, lasting approximately two hours, will be taken by Dave Jones of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Those attending  will learn what a heart attack is and why a defibrillation unit will help. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR or heart massage) whilst very useful has a low success rate of approximately 15%. whereas a defibrillator's success rate is 90%.

The Village Hall will be paying for this course and is therefore free to attendees. At the end of it YOU WILL be able to use the machine and YOU WILL be able to save a life.  -  Gerald

YOU are invited to attend a defibrillator familiarisation session meeting at the Village Hall on Saturday, May 26, starting at 10 30am.


Demonstration of how a defibrillator can save a life

Before the start of the Open Parish Meeting on Wednesday, March 21, there was a brief demonstration of how the defibrillator works, and how easy it is to use, even for people with no prior training.The demo was given by David Banks, a member of the village's Bishop Monkton Life Savers team, and his aim was to allay any fears/worries people may have about using a defibrillator in an emergency.

Now be sure YOU attend the defibrillator familiarisation session meeting at the Village Hall on Saturday, May 26, starting at 10 30am.