Villagers warned to be vigilant

Villagers were warned to check their home security recently after a series of attempted break-ins and one where thieves broke into a house and stole a car.

The break-in attempts started at two houses on Knaresborough Road but in each case the two thieves were unsuccessful in gaining entry. 

The thieves next worked down through the village and were disturbed in the Renton area.  The police were called and, together with a couple of villagers, searched (without the help of many street lights!) but without avail. They were then disturbed by a car roaring past in the Roecliffe direction. The police, it seems, tried to follow but lost it.  Later the car was found close to Roecliffe - it had crashed, had been torched with virtually nothing left.  

Needless to say, no sign of the thieves. The car had been stolen sometime after 2am from Melrose Road where they had gained access to the occupied house.  They went through to the utility room, with the dog sleeping (usually a good 'warner', found both sets of keys (semi hidden behind one of the cupboard doors) containing house and both car keys and let themselves out through the locked back door using the internal key.  No finger prints were found, just glove imprints.

No further incidents have been reported since then.