Dangerous Crossroads

Villagers call for action

The recent serious accident at the village's notoriously dangerous crossroads (in May 2019) has resulted in a large number of villagers coming up with ideas of what should be done to resolve the problem before there is a fatality there.

Few issues have created more reaction and comment. 

Here, in summary, are what just some villagers are suggesting and these views have now been passed on to the relevant Councils.

Bob Upton:: A mini roundabout and 20 mph speed limit for whole village.

John Binns: 20 mph speed limit on certain roads.

Sheila Parsons: A mini roundabout.

David Banks: Two mini roundabouts.

Richard Harper: Divert Moor Road to create a staggered junction with Knaresborough Road.

Stephanie Lonsdale: Sleeping policemen

Chris Bagnall: A mini roundabout

Jonathan Pimley: A roundabout and further speed reducing measures.

Carol Wells: Sleeping policemen on certain roads.

A Whincup: Stop signs rather than Give Way signs.

Mick and Diane Jackson:  Mini roundabout.

Basil Birchall: Small roundabout.

Ken Nelson: 20mph speed limit and traffic lights at crossroads.

Ian Favell: Rumble strips and added parking restrictions.

Susan Stead: Roundabout or stop signs.

Peter Clark: A roundabout and a speed limit. But not rumble strips - the noise they create is a nightmare.

Angela Archbold: Just do something!

Alison Auchterlonie: Remember it is the council that make the decisions.

Heidi Ayliffe: :Use mirrors to improve visibility.#

Editor: The  villagers' views expressed here have now been referred to to the relevant council/s.

Ben Cairns:  See his personal views on the issue shown below.


A new perspective on the call for action

Ben Cairns has written to comment on the recent call for improved safety measures at the village crossroads. He points out that these are his personal views and he is not speaking on behalf of the Parish Council:

'Although there appears to be some strong feeling about the crossroads I think before people perpetuate rumours it’s worth taking account of the facts. The recent accident was not attributable to the junction nor speed, it was as a result of human error. 

Any remedy to either junction design or speed reduction measures must be evidence led and backed by data. I
agree that we possibly have a speeding problem on Knaresborough Rd but calling for all sorts of remedy without concrete evidence as to the causation factor is not helpful. The Parish Council are working with Disrtrict Councillor Harrison to seek a possible solution and I would urge members of the community to allow this to take its course.

Hopefully this explains my personal opinion and (by the way I attended the incident) I think it’s important that facts are published rather than rumours as it only perpetuates people’s anxiety about the junction. If prospective
buyers looking to relocate read this type of information coupled with the flooding negative press then what is it doing to our house prices and attractiveness of the village.

This is my personal view as a resident and not the view of the Parish Council, but I feel I can talk with some authority and expertise in this area and my views are factually based'.


Council ideas for making our roads safer

The Parish Council says it is aware that many residents are concerned with the speed of vehicles driving through Bishop Monkton. 

The Council is currently working with Councillor Harrison from North Yorkshire County Council to improve this. At present, the Council is researching effective speed calming measures including the following:

A speed matrix sign that can be moved to different sites in the village
A mini roundabout at the junction
A Community Speedwatch Scheme
Realigning the lines at the junction

A STOP sign at the junction

The Council says: 'Please be assured that their aim is to improve the safety of local residents and are working on this as a matter of urgency'. 

It is reassuring to know all these sensible ideas are under active consideration.


Follow up comments from our readers

From: Ian Favell  ian.favell@outlook.com

Could we please ask Councillor Harrison to also include the issue of vehicle speeds when coming in and going out of the village along Boroughbridge Road as well as Knaresborough Road. The main problem here is that we have a long straight coming into the village along Boroughbridge Road prior to the bends where some vehicles, including commercial vehicles are going well over 40mph as they approach the bends. The tyre tracks along the grass verges both before and after the bends are testament to the speeding vehicles having to take last minute action to avoid oncoming vehicles.

This e-mail will be forwarded to the Parish Council.