Dorothy Bowes

Our loyal Australian reader

A last picture of Dorothy in her wheelchair. With her is Ruth, her closest friend.

It is with great sadness that we have received a delayed message informing us of the death of Dorothy Bowes. formerly of Bishop Monkton, at Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia.  

Aged 88, she was the sister and sister-in-law of Eddy and Florence Bowes  and aunt of Angie Archbold. 

Julie Apps, the daughter of Dorothy's close friend, Ruth, wrote to tell us that reading Bishop Monkton Today was an essential part  of Dorothy's daily routine. It kept her in touch with the village of her youth. Julie says she herself was often treated to excerpts from BMT so the village almost felt like her hometown in the UK. 

Dorothy was the beloved friend of both Julie and her mother Ruth. 

Julie Apps, Ruth's daughter wrote to us to tell us more about Dorothy.

She wrote: 'After Dorothy passed away I have had the unenviable task of clearing out her villa at Baulkham Hills. I
had always thought Dorothy was a very tidy and organised person but what I did not realise was that she  keep things tidy because she kept EVERYTHING! 
There wasn't an envelope or piece of paper she hadn't kept. I found thick files of articles from BishopMonktonToday website she had printed out and then filed away. The amount of photos she had kept is horrendous. I have decide she was a hoarder but a neat hoarder so that until you started going through the cupboards you didn't realise how much she had kept. Unfortunately a lot of things just had to be thrown out but all the crockery and china have gone to the Salvation Army as have much of the good reusable furniture. you might be interested to know we found a collection of very old postcards which include views of Bishop Monkton from the 1950's. My intention is to bring those with me when I come over next year.  I am going to combine this with a visit to northern France to Villers Bretonneux for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in April 2018.