Villager's view on the planned additional sites

They will have a 'very considerable impact' on our village

I imagine that most people in the village will not be aware that these  'additional sites', added July 2017, have quite an impact on our village.
Going back to that pretty useless meeting in the Hall, nearly four months ago, when we 'discovered' areas B2 (40 houses), B4 (16 houses) and B3 (26 houses), as displayed on this website, we were all somewhat shocked and concerned, in a variety of ways.
The picture gets worse, another 30 houses have been added in this July  Consultation Document.  As you will see in my attached map, the B4 area has been hugely extended, now running the same length as B2, and can take 46
houses, ie 30 more than previously. The density here is also much greater than before.
That totals to 112 houses which, coupled with the 18 on the Kebbell site, amounts to 130 houses.  Since the village has about 400 houses the impact will be very considerable - let alone on drainage and disruption.
Could I get you to draw these additions to the attention of those in the village so that they can make their feelings heard.
Martin Minett



Have you yet got involved in the six week consultation process about the proposed new additions to go into the Local Plan?  There is still time to visit one of the special exhibitions being staged around the area.  If you wish to comment and have your views added to this Forum please send them to