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We invite  readers who wish to send us letters for publication to send them as normal e-mails addressed to editorbmtoday@aol.com and entitled Letters to Editor.

Letters should be kept short, and should be about matters of public interest and avoid unsubstantiated criticism of organisations or individuals. The Editor reserves the right to refuse them if not do not comply with this condition.

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Letters received:

From: Eddie Larkin   eddielarkin56@gmail.com

I am writing to you from Galway in Ireland, having seen from your obituary page that local artist and sculptor Unity Hield had sadly passed away last April. I am specifically interested in literature but also like art, and only heard about her yesterday from watching The Yorkshire Vet on Channel 5. What intrigued me in particular was her unusual but lovely name! I am trying to find out more about her life and work, so I wonder if there are any books available? May she Rest in Peace. Kindest regards from Eddie Larkin.

From: Liz Dudley    peterduds@hotmail.com

Just wanted to share some lovely community spirit. As you are all aware Chloe is not well and her health has taken a downhill turn over the last few months.Chloe turned 11 on the 7th October a true miracle it really is, I put a post on Facebook to try get her 11 cards especially, and she has ended up with 273 ! From America, Scotland Devon, Leeds and local areas x it’s lovely it truly is.
Many thanks to all for your continuing support for my little lady. 
Liz Dudley

From: Martin Minett  MartinMJMC@aol.com

I see that you've added a reminder to everybody about the continuing and increased level of attempted fraud by telephone calls from people with seemingly plausible reasons to gain details of accounts, names, passwords etc.
I have had so many calls over the last month, sometimes five a day (and maybe more as they drop out quickly, sometimes before answering or if we are out).  Two today, at 7.30 (re from Internet Provider and line being cut off as there's been a security breach, so press button 1 to take it further etc!) and then at 8.45 though the line immediately dropped.  These are the most common and by some method, when you check 'their' pseudo phone number (1471), they are a complete mixture (random) which are 'dead' when you test them by ringing back!.  Over the w/e 'they,' twice phoned my mobile - so that's not safe.
Another more recent but frequent scam is from 'Visa Security' saying that they've noticed an unusual transaction (often involving £600).  Again they will be after your secure details etc.
On many occasions I've immediately reported the call, to police 'Action Fraud', to our Internet Service provider and to our line/phone provider.  I'm afraid it's a complete waste of time with Action Fraud being the worst of all - a shambles.  I no longer waste my time with any of them.
Shortly I will be contacting our MP again and demanding that something is done - I cannot accept an answer that because they come from abroad and the pseudo phone number varies that there's nothing anyone can do.  I'm quite sure that the likes of Menwith and  GCHQ Cheltenham are operating at a much more powerful level.


From: Ben Blakey  benjamintblakey@gmail.com

I would just like to comment on the good job Stephen Verrill is doing as a senior member of the Parish Council. I know many of the villagers were delighted with the Christmas Tree he organised in December and, additionally, his tenacity in placing pressure on the local authorities to erect a bus shelter for the good people of our village. 

A true unsung hero of the village! Good work Steve!


From: Councillor Ben Cairns

Please can I ask that you publish this communication to clear up concerns relating to the Parish Council minutes not being published on your website.The Parish Council wrote to the BM Today website to inform the editor that it would no longer be able to publish the minutes and agendas on BM Todaybut kindly requested that a link be placed on the website that “clicked through” to the official Parish Council website where all documents can be viewed. This decision was made to ensure that the Parish Council could discharge its responsibilities under GDPR and maintain control of its information. The Parish Council has its own website and a link placed onBishop Monkton Today would mean users would not be inconvenienced as they would be automatically directed to the Parish Council website. It is unfortunate that BM Today hasn’t explained the reasoning behind the decision and not placed the link on its website as unfortunately residents and visitors of the website have been misled which has resulted in some criticism levied towards the Parish Council.The Parish Council wants to ensure it is open, transparent and on the correct side of compliance and therefore must be in control of its data and information, unfortunately the absence of a data sharing agreement means this cannot be achieved with a 3rd party website such as BM Today.I hope that this letter will be published without editing and that residents and visitors to Bishop Monkton website will see why the decision was made. 

Reply from The Editor

'I think this is a disappointing decision. We try on this site to provide coverage of almost everything that is happening in the village as it happens. To remove your agenda and minutes means there is now a yawning gap. You are wrong in stating that we refuse to publish the Parish Council website address - it is, as always, included within LINKS where there are hyperlinks to the websites of  most of the  important institutions in the village including the Parish Council, the Churches, the School, etc'. Despite the PC's decision, we will continue to try to report the main news emanating from the Parish Council.


From: Caroline Wallace   carolinew2020@gmail.com

I agree with Brian Richardson's letter regarding the minutes of Parish Council meetings no longer being shared via the BM website. Can I ask how villagers & ex pats can get access to copies of the minutes? We're particularly interested in the meeting that took place on 20 June as T Benson's appeal regarding his Hall farm field planning application (Ref: APP/E2734/18/3219294) along with proposed diversion of footpath No 15.12/2 from Boroughbridge road were discussed.I strongly feel that both of these matters are of interest to villagers & others so would greatly appreciate if you can help.


From Brian Richardson  

I note from the ‘BM Today’ website, that you have received a communication from the Parish Council requesting that you do not publish any further Minutes or Agendas for Parish Council meetings. As you know, my wife and I lived in the village for many years before moving to Northallerton but we still regularly visit the village and keep in touch with friends and ex neighbours there. For us Bishop Monkton Ex Pats, your excellent ‘BM Today’ website is an invaluable way of keeping in touch with events in the village and we access the website, (almost) on a daily basis. Because of this, it was particularly disappointing to note the request you have received from the Parish Council for you not to publish any further matters relating to Council business!! I also found it somewhat perplexing for the Parish Council to state that GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulations) to be the reason for this. As far as I am aware, during all the years you have published Council Business and other matters on the website, there has never been a breach of personal data. In any event I would have thought that the Parish Council would be most keen to widely disseminate Council business to all residents of the village by whatever means was available to them. Furthermore, all Council Minutes and records of Council Business etc are readily available, (or should be) to any resident who wishes to view them. There is nothing secretive about Council Business. I therefore fail to see how publication of the minutes on the ‘BM Today’ website can possibly breach the requirements of the GDPR. In my view, this is a very spurious attitude which the council appears to be adopting.. I do hope that the Parish Council will reconsider their decision.


From Ian Favell  ian.favell@outlook.com

Could we please ask Councillor Harrison to also include the issue of vehicle speeds when coming in and going out of the village along Boroughbridge Road as well as Knaresborough Road. The main problem here is that we have a long straight coming into the village along Boroughbridge Road prior to the bends where some vehicles, including commercial vehicles are going well over 40mph as they approach the bends. The tyre tracks along the grass verges both before and after the bends are testament to the speeding vehicles having to take last minute action to avoid oncoming vehicles.


From Zillah Horner

Do we really want buses this size in confrontation outside the school at eight in the morning ?


From: Martin Offord  lordboffo@btopenworld.com

I did enjoy reading your obituary of Unity.Cynthia and I were very pleased to see again some of the people that we used to see at the Gallery. We saw quite a bit of her over the years at Ings Farm and were well acquainted with the ducks and swans, the chickens, the hedgehogs, the various dogs, and one or two regrettable rats.


From David Banks   davidandjeanbanks@gmail.com    

We need to bring to the attention of Bishop Monkton residents, their visitors or village visitors that where we live in St John's Road, dog mess has become a regular issue (I have photos taken this morning), especially as they are deposited outside our houses/gateways.
Please will you put a message on BM Today advising resident and village visitors to pick up their dog mess.


From: Lesley Shervington  lesley.shervington@sky.com

I would like to thank everyone who helped me in the Tea Rooms on Hog Roast Day, and thank all those people who made and donated cakes and scones.