When Bishop Monkton had its own Archbishop's Palace

Exciting Discoveries by History Group's own 'Time Team' 


 Pic l. What remains today of the site.

Pic 2. The blacked out area shows where the Palace and grounds once existed.

You may know that there was an Archbishop's Palace situated in the village in medieval times and it stood on a site abutting the present-day  Boroughbridge Road.

Over the last few months the Bishop Monkton Local History Group has been looking for evidence of the exact site of the Palace and its grounds.  

This has been done with some initial drone photography with the help of Tony Hunt of the Yorkshire Archaeological Aerial Mapping and the results are amazing.

Have a look at the above  photographs and see what parts of our village  looked like from the Group's own “Time Team” investigations.  

Pic.1 is an aerial photo of the area as it exists today, and Pic. 2, with a blacked out area, shows where it is thought the Palace and its grounds would have extended. Some villagers may find they live within the former Palace grounds!

'There’s obviously much more work to be done but who knows what we might discover', says Chris Bagnall, Chairman of the Local History Group. 

If you’d like to help in this fascinating bit of research or get involved please contact Chris by e-mail at chrisbagnall52@gmail.com  And what more may emerge under the ground!

Also log on to BMLHG's own website https://bmlhg.btck.co.uk/  to be kept abreast of  new findings as they unfold.