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£238 raised for Madagascar charity



The meaning of Christingle 

The Methodist Church celebrated the first Sunday in Advent with a Christingle Service. Lynda Phipps, who led the service, explained the meaning of the Christingle the orange representing the world, the sweets all the good thing God has given us, the red ribbon the blood of Christ and the candle Christ the Light Of the World. Lynda talked of Christ’s light in the world and our responsibility to continue to spread the light. 

Towards the end of the service the church was plunged into darkness and the Christingles lit from the one candle burning on the advent ring to illustrate the spreading of Christ’s light. 


Some scary costumes at Youth Club's popular Halloween disco evening!

Molly, Alyssa and Lizzie are congratulated by Emma Oates.
lst prize winner: Isabella Gough


 2nd prize winner: Elsa Hughes


Bishop Monkton Methodist Youth Club held a Halloween Disco Evening and fancy dress competition early in November. Although Halloween was a few days before lots of children were happy to don their outfits again. The special judges for the competition were Emma and Katie Oates. 

The winners were;1 Isabella Gough, 2 Elsa Hughes, 3 Molly Owen, Alyssa Costelloe and Lizzie Warne. Well done everyone!

NOTE TO VIEWERS: Apologies if you are viewing the above photographs on an iPad, tablet or mobile phone because, chances are they may appear sideways. This is due to a technical anomaly which is known about but our server cannot resolve. Anyway, we thought our kids would still like to see the pictures even if they aren't the right way round. All part of the Halloween fun!


Special tea will help buy school books

A big thank you to everyone who came along and supported the Afternoon Tea  at the Methodist Church on Saturday, May 21.

The event was a great success with plenty of scrumptious food and lively conversation was enjoyed by all.
A total of £380 was raised. This money is going to Madagascar to pay for books in a newly-built school in Salohy. 

Told of the amount reasised by the tea, Councillor Stuart Martin, who helps run the charity T.A.S.C. Madagascar wrote to Angie to say:

'That is just staggering, well done and my thanks to everyone who helped, it is incredible. If it is ok with you we will use the money to buy school books for the new school at Salohy which is just about completed.

Angie wishes to thank everyone who helped by making cakes, sandwiches, setting up, washing up and to all those who came along to support the event.

She adds that they are hoping to do another Tea in October or November, this time for a local charity..... so keep your eye out for posters.


Advent and Christmas services

ADVENT is a time of promise when we look forward to what God is doing and what he is going to do in the world. In the Methodist Church it began with a service of light led by Mrs Angel Heywood and included the lighting of the Christingles the candles representing Christ’s light in the world, the red ribbon his blood shed for us and the
sweets etc the good things in the world north south east and west throughout all seasons.

The young people from the BLAST group led a Birthday Celebration service on December 17 when hymn numbers were hidden in crackers and a game of true or false was played. Boards were held up and a question about the picture on the board was read out and the congregation had to state whether it was true or false. 

Did you know that tinsel was originally made from silver or that December 25 may not be the date of Christ’s birth? Together what Christmas was really about was explored realising that there are many traditions which we follow today atChristmas which have nothing at all to do with Christ’s birth. The young people had ‘party bags’ to take home and afterwards. Coffee and treat, made by one member of BLAST, were enjoyed by all.

The Revd.Helen Bell led the Carol Service ‘Right Time in the Right Place’. There was a lot of singing of traditional carols between which items illustrating a baby’s birth were placed on the communion table. A Diary – HOPES and DREAMS;  A baby scan – God is WITH US from our conception;  A Suitcase- be always PREPARED;  Congratulation Card – SUPPORT OF ONE ANOTHER;  A Teddy – LOVE and SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER. LORD ALL TIME IS YOURS.    

People came to church on CHRISMAS DAY to worship God and welcome His son JESUS CHRIST intothe world. The worship was organised and led by Emma and Rebecca Archbold and they led the congregation in a service with a theme of GIVING and RECEIVING. We were reminded that Jesus was born for us, lived and died for us and we can receive this wonderful gift but it requires us to respond and accept His love and show others love too. We were asked to commit ourselves to others in the future in love, friendship, with care and generosity of prayer, our talents and our time. The offering of over £300 was received for ‘Action for Children’.

A successful Christmas TUESDAY COFFEE with seasonal treats raised £60 which was given to FRIENDS OF RIPON HOSPITAL.

Comment from social media. If the THREE WISE MEN had been THREE WISE WOMEN they would have found out where they were going, asked directions, arrived in time to cleaned the stable ready for Mary and Joseph, helped Mary with the birth, given more useful presents and baked a cake and cooked a casserole!


Report on Methodist Church Council 

The November meeting looked back over the last few months and commented on a successful Holiday Club, a friendly Harvest lunch, a good summer lunch when the proceeds went to Water Aid and a happy wedding on a rainy day in September when over 120 packed into the church.

Andrew Roberts, Circuit Steward, reported that Aiskew Church has now been sold and the proceeds will go towards the new church in Bedale. The Borougbridge manse is now let and 80%of the rent given to a refugee fund, the remainder is kept to help with fees and maintenance.  Advent Daily Bible study books are now available. The need for clothes and bedding for the refugees is still ongoing and can be given to Isobel Wilson at Dransfield House or taken to Allhallowgate.

It was decided that funds will be raised over the next few months to help TASK (Madagascar) and St Michael Hospice. The Methodist Youth Group is going well with about 40 young people attending each week in the village hall. A gift of a generator and lights is proving to be an asset as the outside space can be used in the winter and the purchasing of more lights may be made. (Andrew reminded us that a grant for this would be available from the circuit).

Coming services were discussed and arrangements made for Christingles (27 November) and Christmas tree. Joint events with the Parish Church confirmed including JointRemembrance service, Revd. Jonathan Singh’s last service, village Christmas Card and Bethlehem Journey and Joint covenant service on January 15. A meeting of the Minister, church wardens and Methodist stewards has been arranged for January.  

The treasurer gave a resume of the funds available to the church and felt that the financial situation was stable.

Property problems were discussed and it was decided to try to get estimates for repairing the schoolroom floor. Replacing the kitchen cupboards and decorating the schoolroom. It was acknowledged that more fund raising will have to be arranged to cover the costs of these improvements.

We were left to consider the following question. ‘How can we help each other in the church and others in the community and engage with the Bible?    


Methodist Church Harvest 2016

The church was decorated inside and out for the Harvest Celebration at the beginning of October. John Foster led the service which was followed by a harvest lunch organised by Gloria and Roger Baker. 

A generous amount of Harvest gifts were sent to the Ripon Food Bank and a donation was made to All You Can (Methodist Relief and Development Fund.)


Church is transformed for this wedding


120 guests packed into the Methodist Church on Saturday, September 3, for a wedding.

In spite of the rainy weather it was a happy occasion and the service was led by Revd. Helen Bell and the music by the Knaresborough Brass Band.

The church looked wonderful with an array of cream and blue flowers. Posies adorned the window sills, there were several displays in milk churns and a wonderful bucket of roses in addition to the outside arch being decorated.

Well done to all concerned!


The Syrian story - two sides of refugee crisis

'The Syrian Story - two sides of the refugee crisis' will be the subject of a talk at Allhallowgate Methodist Church, Ripon, at 7.30pm on Wednesday, June 22. 

First-hand accounts of the crisis given by Lily David a worker in the camps in Jordan, and Najem-Aldin Ali, a Syrian refugee.

All are welcome.


Clothes wanted for refugees      

Throughout the summer clothes will be collected to support refugees and asylum seekers.
Summer clothes, underwear and shoes in good condition are now needed as are children’s buggies.
If you have any contributions to make please leave at the Methodist Church on Tuesday or Sunday mornings or take to Dransfield House, Main Street.
A letter of thanks has been received  for the contributions given up to date.


Cross decorated with flowers for Easter

Easter Day was celebrated at the Methodist Church with a service and communion led by Rev. Barry  Lumley. During the service the cross was decorated with flowers to celebrate the
coming of new life in Jesus Chris


A poem for Mothering Sunday service 

The service was led by Mrs Lynda Blackburn who reminded us that though many of us were rejoicing in and with our families this day, that there were others who approached the day with fear, sorrow and disappointment. Lynda took us through the feelings experienced by Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the mother of the prodigal son.

She shared with us the following poem which she had written expressing many of Mary’s feelings. As the service finished flowers were distributed to members of the congregation, the housebound and Lunch Club members.


I knew he was special, my womb housed a guest,
But I felt like most mothers as he fed at my breast.
As I taught him to walk, to talk and to play with the others
I felt so much love, just like all of the mothers.
I ran when he fell saying ’Don’t cry little man’
But I felt that his future was not mine to plan.
A good boy, a bright boy, he shone like the sun;
Oh! What a treasure, my own special one.   
I knew he must leave me; His life was not mine,
But my heart cried ‘Please God, I love him, give me more time’.
I knew it had started from things that were said;
I heard of the feeding with fish and with bread.
Friends looked at us strangely, cold stares and whispers;

It was hard for the family, his brothers and sisters.
I felt so afraid for him, this gentle man
Who spoke of God’s love and God’s greater plan.
I heard that the soldiers had taken him in,
Questions were asked, but what was his sin?
How can this be happening to my darling child
‘God help him’ I sank to my knees and I cried.
How can I endure it and withstand this loss
I bleed with my son as he dies on the cross. 

Lynda Blackburn 2016


Village Churches come together 

Lent started as soon as the season of Christmas was over this year and the two village churches have been working together to celebrate, reflect and worship over this time.

They came together with the Methodist Covenant Service and were together  again in the Methodist Church on Ash Wednesday for a service of  repentance and ashing followed by supper.

Lent reflections have now started on Monday afternoons at 2.30 led by Rev  Helen Bell in the Methodist School room looking at the ‘Easter Story Through the Gospels’. 

Now we look forward to coming together again for the Maundy Thursday  Passover Service and Supper on March 24 at 6.30pm in St John Baptist Church led by Rev Jonathon Singh and the Good Friday Frugal lunch of soup and rolls in the  Methodist Church followed reflections led by Rev Helen Bell.


Puppets used to tell nativity story

ROSE AND ELLIE from the Methodist Church BLAST youth group were among members who presented a puppet navitity at the Church.

For more go to NEWS/puppet nativity.


Christingle at the Methodist  Church 

Forty lovingly decorated oranges were the basis of a celebration at the start of ADVENT on Sunday, 29 November.

The Rev Keith Phipps led the service and explained the symbolism of the orange (the world), the red band (the saving blood of Christ),  the raisins and sweets (the fruits creation and of the spirit) and the candle  (Jesus the light of the world). 
The light was passed around the congregation to banish the  darkness of the blacked-out chapel and everyone took their Christingle to enjoy  at home and remind them of the coming of Christ to the world.

Thanks to all those who contributed to what was a joyful and  thought provoking service.


£253 raised to help young cancer sufferers

The Methodist Church Schoolroom was packed with over 40 people from the village and beyond on Thursday for the Novemberf Spud and Pud lunch.
There was a lot of chatter and laughter and a tasty meal of local potatoes  with fillings and salad was followed by a selection of delicious home made  pudding, tea and coffee was enjoyed by all.
The proceeds of £253 was made for CANDLELIGHTERS, a Leeds-baed charity which helps young cancer sufferers and their families.
Thank you to all who attended and helped in any way.


Churches get together for harvest celebration

The harvest celebrations this year started with a supper in the Village Hall on October 3 when the two churches joined together. It was a very friendly and enjoyable evening with a wonderful ‘bring and share’ supper.  A lot of chatter took place round the tables and the children had an opportunity do a treasure hunt and play other games
including ‘beetle’ which none of them had played before!

The celebrations continued with a service on October11 led by Rev. Helen Bell. The doorway and the church were decorated with flowers and fruit and the front table was covered with gifts to be taken to Ripon CAB for those who arrive at the bureau with no food or money. They are then given sufficient food to last one or two days and information as to where they can find help. The offering has been sent to ALL WE CAN, a Methodist charity which works in many parts of the world helping those in need. During the service Helen talked about the work the charity is doing in Ethiopia and the establishment of bee- keeping helping poor farmers provide a living for themselves and their families.

Elizabeth Stockil and Florence Bowes provided an interesting ‘bee display’ (not real bees!) which Helen used in the service. Thanks go to all those who helped with these celebrations in any way. 


A lasting tribute to Stuart Vennart

The cross above the pulpit is now able to be lit and we hope that passers-by in the road will take a look especially now we have glass in the front doors. These doors  have had the top coats of varnish and the projector is up and in working order.

We are also grateful to the Youth Group who have supplied the church with a flat screen TV for use in the schoolroom. 

Our thanks to David Bray who started these projects and latterly took some time to complete them after Stuart Vennart's death. .We are grateful to Stuart for the work he did and hope that the work completed will be a lasting tribute to him.


Collection for asylum seekers

The first collection of clothes, in which we asked for socks, shoes and pullovers, has been a great success. The collection arrangements with items being brought toAllhallowgate appear to have been trouble free. 

One car load was taken to Wakefield and distributed there by the Wakefield City of Sanctuary Group to those recently arrived in this country and placed in Urban House, the Initial Accommodation Centre. Two car loads were taken to the Open Doors Project in Princes Avenue Methodist Church in Hull, where again a City of Sanctuary Group was responsible with Open Doors for the distribution.

 In Urban House 100 new asylum seekers arrive each week and in Hull well over 200 asylum seekers and refugees attend the Thursday drop-in each week. We have received warm thanks from both Hull and Wakefield. Those of us who have helped to organise the collection, storage and distribution from Ripon wish to add our thanks. 

Most gifts which arrived were in splendid condition and many thanks for respecting our guidelines of what should be given.Both Hull and Wakefield are badly in need of winter clothes and we are organising second deliveries. We will be pleased to receive overcoats, pullovers, jackets, shoes and particularly good condition underwear for men. We ask that you do not give other items. 

Clothes can be left at the Methodist Church or at Dransfield House, Main Street  by November 6.


Warm welcome for new Minister 

WELCOMING GROUP: Shown from left are Andrew Roberts (Circuit Steward). Rev. Ruth Parry (Circuit Superintendent),  Rev. Stephen Bell (Chair of the Hill and East Yorks District), Rev. Helen Bell and 

Fred Bell.

The service of welcome to Rev. Helen Bell into the Ripon and Lower Dales Circuit was held at Harrogate Road Methodist Church, Ripon on Saturday, September 5.

The church was full with representatives of other Ripon churches, members  of the four churches over which Helen is to have pastoral care, members of  churches from other parts of the circuit, family including her husband Fred and  friends from her previous circuit. 

The service was led by Rev. Stephen Burgess, chairman of the Hull and East Yorks District of the Methodist church. Readings were read by Rev. Pat Malham and Fred Bell. 

Helen was greeted by representatives from Ripon Cathedral, Ripon Community Church, Scouts and Guides, the circuit leadership team and each of of the churches under her care, including David Arundell from Bishop Monkton.

In her address Helen reminded us all that team work is important from each church and each member of her churches was crucial to help her with her ministry.Tea and cakes, provided by her four churches, were served after the  service. 

Bishop Monkton Methodist Church looks forward to working with Helen in the future.

(The Ripon and Lower Dales Circuit cover Masham, Snape, West Tanfield, Ellington,Kirby Malzeard,  Sawley,  Dallowgill, Grewelthorpe, Aiskew, Bedale, Finghall, Leeming, Carthorpe, Melmerby,  Allhallowgate (Ripon), Harrogate Road (Ripon), Boroughbridge and Bishop Monkton. Helen has pastoral care of the last four churches in the list).


Warm tributes paid to Stuart Vennart

Warm tributes were paid to Stuart Vennart at his funeral service at Pateley Bridge Methodist Church on Tuesday, August 18. Stuart died suddenly in the garden of his home in Bishop Monkton on August 4.

In a moving address David Arundell,  Senior Church Steward, recalled the role Stuart had played in the formation of the Bishop Monkton Youth Club two years ago. He was all for it and was always ready to help, David recalled.

David remembered one occasion when Stuart had volunteered to keep an eye on a side room where electronic games were being played by the youngsters.

'A little later I passed by the room and heard a cheer, then silence, then another cheer. On looking in, I found Stuart seated at a play station racing cars round the track and surrounded by more than 20 children egging him on'.

Stuart loved being with the children and often organised ball games and rounders for them. He also enjoyed setting up the BBQ and cooking the food.

He was very generous to the Youth Club and provided everything needed for each BBQ, including all the food.

He was involved in many other areas of life at the Methodist Church. He ran the chapel consultation on worhip group which plans the next quarter's service and own arranged services.

He was also in the ecumenical team and planned meetings with friends at the Anglican Church, arranging joint harvest suppers and joint services thereby bringing the two churches together with great success.

Stuart was also a chapel steward and brought much to the stewards' meetings. His knowledge on church matters was invaluable and much appreciated.

He also played a leading role at the men's breakfast meeting held on the first Saturday in the month and which alternate between Pateley Bridge and Summerbridge.

He also started the film club in the chapel, and ran it with the help of Michael Hogan, an expert in all things electrical and tecnical.

Stuart was also instrumental in getting a new projector for the chapel as a permanent fixture, and also saw to the fitting of the new glass front door, bringing the project to fruition after years of debate.  In short, David concluded, Stuart was 'a doer and not a sayer'. 

Another warm tribute was paid to Stuart by Sister Janet Durbin who took the service.

All agreed that Stuart will be very sadly missed.