New WW1 research by Martin Whincup

Amazing escape when bullet lodged in letters in his breast pocket.


Private Thomas Daniel

Previously we have listed the Bishop Monkton men who took part in the Great War, but for most of them we have only listed their names.

Now our researcher Martin Whincup has carried out further research and below we  publish fuller details of those men, starting the list with those who actually lived in Bishop Monkton before going to join the war..

All would have had their own amazing recollections of their wartime experiences, but one we know about is that of Thomas Daniel, who served in the West Yorkshire Regiment

He was wounded in France in 1917, losing an arm and a leg, with his life only saved by a bullet lodging in letters and postcards in his breast pocket. He was discharged due to his wounds, and only died in 1980.

Below we publish the names and fuller details of other men from Bishop Monkton who fought in the war:

J.H. Cawood 


F. Butterfield 
A.S. Scatchard
W.T. Scatchard
H.H. Wilson




John Herbert Armitage (1886 – 1956)

(301077) Royal Engineers

William Batty (1872– 1941)
Private (154600) 318th Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps
Enlisted 26.04.1918 (York) 
Discharged 18.02.1919 (Ripon)
Served in Britain (1918-19)

Harry Bellerby (1893– 1944)
Private (267062) 2/7th (Leeds Rifles) Battalion,
West Yorkshire Regiment
Enlisted 08.11.1915.
Wounded. Discharged 14.11.1918 (York). Served in France (1917-18)

James Bellerby (1885– 1966)
Acting Second Corporal (025960) Army Ordnance Corps
Served overseas

Thomas Bellerby (1897– 1961)
Shoeing Smith (RX/4/186261) 55th Remount
Squadron, Army Service Corps
Enlisted 11.12.1915
(Ripon). Discharged 26.09.1919 (Ripon). Served in Britain (1915-19)

David Thomas Bowes (1890 – 1970)
Private (32/473) 32nd (Reserve) Battalion,
Northumberland Fusiliers
Private (34280) 8th Battalion, York and Lancaster
Regiment (2 Ptn. A Coy.)
Served in France and Italy

Edwin Bowes
(1896 –1917)
Private (3285) 5th Battalion, West YorkshireRegiment
Private (201392) 12th (Service) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Enlisted 1915 (Ripon).
Killed in Action 09.04.1917 (Vimy Ridge). Served in Britain (1915-17) and France (1917)

John Siddel Bowes (1882 – 1956)
Private (7999) 1/5th Battalion, West YorkshireRegiment
Private (23488) 40th Labour Company, Labour Corps
Private (41024) 25th (Works) Battalion, Durham
Light Infantry
Enlisted 03.11.1916
(Ripon). Discharged 24.05.1919. Served in Britain and France

Frederick Redvers Butterfield (1900 – 1958)
Private, West Yorkshire Regiment
Served in France and Germany

Alfred Carling (1896 –1969)
Driver (131216) 233rd (Ripon) Company, Royal Engineers
Driver (131216) 85th Field Company, RoyalEngineers
Driver (131216) 66th Field Company, RoyalEngineers
Enlisted 02.12.1915
(Ripon). Injured 03.03.1919. Discharged 02.09.1919. Served in Britain
(1915-16), Salonika (1916-18) and Egypt (1918-19)

Henry Archibald Cussans (1899 – 1962)
Private (97744) 2/7th (Robin Hood) Battalion,Sherwood Foresters
Private (TR/6/50716) 53rd Training ReserveBattalion
Private (60924) 7th Battalion, West YorkshireRegiment
Private (19297) 3rd Battalion, Machine Gun Corps
Private (19297) 6th (Reserve) Battalion, MachineGun Corps
Private (19297) 1st (Reserve) Battalion, MachineGun Corps
Enlisted 01.12.1917.
Discharged 28.19.1919 (Ripon) Sevred in Britain (1917-18 and 1919) and France(1918-19)

James Denison Cussans (1897 – 1918)
Private (5291) Durham Light Infantry
Private (45403) 1/5th (City of London) Battalion
(London Rifle Brigade), London Regiment
Killed in Action 04.11.1918 (Sambre, France). Served in France

Thomas William Daniel(1895 – 1980)
Private (41170) West Yorkshire Regiment
Enlisted 07.12.1914.
Wounded 1917. Discharged due to wounds 12.01.1918. Served in France

Charles Heath (1889 –1966)
Private (25058) West Yorkshire Regiment
Private (38896) 26th (Service) Battalion (3rd
Tyneside Irish), Northumberland Fusliers
Served in France

William Heath (1879 –1917)
Corporal (3/10293) 2nd Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Killed in Action 24.02.1917 (Thiepval). Served in France.

Clifford Hymas (1895–1975)
Private (2894) 2/5th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Corporal (201014) 2/5th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Enlisted 1914.
Prisoner of War 1918. Served in France

Fred Hymas (1877)
Private (TR/4/70547) 87th Training Reserve Battalion
Enlisted 12.06.1917.
Discharged, no longer fit 31.07.1917 (York). Served in Britain (1917)

Hymas, Harry (1897 – 1964)
Private (6659) Northumberland Fusiliers
Private (203096) 4th (Reserve) Battalion, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Served overseas

Hymas, Hector (1900 –1929)
Private (209259) 53rd (Young Solider) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Private (209259) 51st (Graduated) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Enlisted 30.04.1918.
Discharged 13.01.1919. Served in Britain

Hymas, Robert (1884 –1961)
Private (17659) 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Private (17569) 2nd Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Private (17569) Depot, West Yorkshire Regiment
Enlisted 01.01.1915
(Ripon). Discharged, no longer fit (15.05.1916). Served in Britain (1915 and
1916) and France (1915)

Hymas, Robert (1898 –1988)
Private (4685 and 201727) 1/4th (Ross Highland)
Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders (12 Ptn. 3 Coy)
Served in France

Hymas, Thomas Marsden (1892)
Private (122312) Machine Gun Corps

Hymas, William (1885 – 1960)
Air Mechanic (75884) Royal Flying Corps
Air Mechanic (75884) Royal Air Force
Enlisted 13.04.1917.
Discharged to reserve 04.10.1919

Frederic Knowles (1898 – 1975)
Private (32248) 13th (Reserve) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Private (33248) 6th Training Reserve Battalion
Corporal (33666) 9th (Service) Battalion,Yorkshire Regiment
Sergeant (33666) 3rd (Reserve) Battalion,Yorkshire Regiment
Sergeant (33666) 2nd Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment
Enlisted 29.05.1916
(Ripon). Wounded 09.10.1918 (France). Discharged 01.10.1919 (Ripon). Served in
Britain (1916-17 and 1918), France (1917), Italy (1918) and Ireland (1919)

Leonard Lofthouse (1888 – 1935)
Private (17659) 12th (Service) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Prisoner of War.
Served in France.

Harry Lowther (1885)
Driver (81545) 75th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
Driver (81545) 146th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
Served overseas

Robert Lowther (1883 – 1916)
Bombardier (340) 3rd Battery, 1st Australian Field Artillery
Enlisted 24.07.1916
(Sydney, Australia). Killed in Action 22.07.1916 (France). Served in Australia
(1914-15), Gallipoli (1915-16) and France (1916).

Herbert Pybus (1893 –1982)
Sapper (40524) 46th Company, Royal Engineers
Served in the Mediterranean Force (1916)

Walter Pybus (1889 –1959)
Private (29505) 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Private (SE.30405) 13th Veterinary Hospital, Army Veterinary Corps (2 Trp. C Squad)
Served in France

John Richardson (1895 –1917)
Private (17214) 12th (Service) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Killed in Action
27.09.1917 (Ypres). Served in France (1915-17)

Austin Stephenson Scatchard (1899 – 1972)
Private (25209) King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Private (9187) 56th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps (B Coy)
Served in France

Walter Thomas Scatchard (1899 – 1978)
Private (4686) Seaforth Highlanders
Private (143055) Machine Gun Corps
Wounded 1916 (Somme).
Served in France

Rowland Simpson (1893–1973)
Private (28489) 1st (Garrison) Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Private (28489) 15th (Service) Battalion (1st Leeds Pals), West Yorkshire Regiment
Private (403139) 857th Area Labour Company, Labour Corps
Private (403139) 860th Area Employment Company,Labour Corps
Enlisted 01.12.1915.
Discharged 24.02.1919). Served in Britain (1915-16), Malta (1916) and France

John Victor Taylor (1887)
Sergeant (275661) Railway Operating Company, Royal Engineers
Served overseas

Frederick Thackwray (1875)
Private (M/408449) Motor Transport, Army Service Corps

George Herbert Vasey (1881 – 1956)
Gunner (127005) Durham Royal Garrison Artillery
Acing Bombardier (3385640) Hartlepool Royal Garrison Artillery
Acting Sergeant (P12253) Military Foot Police
Enlisted 09.12.1915.
Discharged 24.02.1920. Served in Britain

Stanley Moss Vasey MM (1898 – 1964)
Lance Corporal (201726) 1/4th (Ross Highland)
Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders
Lance Corporal (201726) 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders
Enlisted 29.11.1915.
Awarded Military Medal 06.08.1919. Discharged due to wounds 30.10.1919. Served
in Britain and France. 

NEXT:  We will list other names of those who had connections with Bishop Monkton and others who resided in the village at one time.