Organisation meetings

One group which is always booked up!

Members of Bishop Monkton Book Group enjoying lunch at The Old Deanery, Ripon,  Everyone brought a book and these were then distributed to other members who were  asked to report back on it at the summer picnic.


WI launches New Year in style

Eighteen members were present at the Bishop Monkton WI January 2020 meeting which was held at The Mason's Arms. After the business a very tasty meal was had by all with a lot of laughter and jollity.The February meeting will be by Hedghog Rescue Ripon on February 5 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall as usual.


A Keep Fit song in praise of Marilyn

Over 20 members of the Keep Fit Group sang a special song in praise of Marilyn, their organiser, at the group’s Christmas lunch at The George, Wormald Green. 

The song, a re-write of The Twelve Days of Christmas, went:

On the first day of Christmas Marlyn gave to me a warm up under the tree.
On the 2nd day of Christmas Marilyn said to me 2 easy walks,
3rd day....3 Russian twists,
4th day...4 knee lifts,
5th day....5 Bicep curls,
6th day....6 Ab crunches,
7th day.....7 Hamstringing curls,
8th day.....8 “L” shaped grapevines, 
9th day.....9 Low down mambas,
10th day...10 Planks and ponies, 
11th day....11 Jacks and half jacks,
12th day.....12 Drunken sailors

Phew! After that everyone was exhausted!


The Village is alive with the Sound of Music  

Bishop Monkton’s newest group, Singing for Fun, is keeping the village alive with the Sound of Music. 

Started in September 2019 and led by Angie Archbold, the group now has 45 people registered, and gets a regular attendance of between 35 and 40 singing a variety of songs to suit everyone.

 Catherine Jennings plays the piano and Tina Harper takes care of the refreshments. 

The group, which because of the support it has received, will now continue on a permanent basis, meets on a Thursday evening each month in the Chapel Schoolroom. Its next meeting is on  January 9. For more dates click on WHAT'S ON.. 

To find out more about the group contact Angie on 677834.