Picture of the Month 

The result of a Christmas Day walk round the village


This month's photograph, the 88th in our series, was taken by Anne Higgins and is a compilation of Festive wreaths which she photographed during a Christmas Day walk round the village.  Maybe this is inspiration for further compilations by someone else of village weather vanes,  chimney pots or landmarks or something completely different!


Send us YOUR special photograph

We would be pleased to receive YOUR special photo/s for possible publication on this page. The picture/s can be about almost anything - your holiday, a special day out, your family, a special occasion, dramatic or amusing incident or a lovely view of our village or the surrounding countryside. We will pick the best and publish them.

     Please send your photo/s to EditorBMToday@aol.com or deliver            to Little Orchard House, Boroughbridge Road, Bishop Monkton.         Any photos, submitted as prints or on a card or CD, will be safely returned after use.