Snow White

A magical carpet of the white stuff

Bishop Monkton was transformed a few days after an previous Christmas when there was first real snow of the season - just too late to make it a White Christmas. 

Below are some of the photographs taken by our readers....


Madeleine with her snow white Lab puppy Mabel.


 Cerys takes her turn to cuddle Mabel.

Robin enjoys his breakfast. 


If only the snow had come a few days sooner.


Main street became a winter wonderland.


A snowman is glad of his muffler!

Christmas tree lights up with delight to feel the snow on its branches.

Photo by Simon Horner

THE FORD takes on a wintery look.

Photo by David Banks

Snow falling on the Parish graveyard conjures a sense of the moment.   

Photo by Cheryl Salmon.


Did YOU take any snow pictures?  If so, we'd like to add them to this page. 

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