Wildlife/pet photographs

A sad farewell

A SAD FAREWELL: Marty, who has been a puppy in the charge of Maureen and Andrew Kinnear for the past year, has just left them on the next stage of becoming a guide dog to the blind. The parting is the saddest part of what I do, says Maureen.  


Send us your photos

This photo sent by Maureen Kinnear is the seventh in a new series of wildlife/pet photographs in which we invite readers to send photographs they have taken of any wildlife they may snap in their back garden, off on a walk, at a zoo or aviary or away on holiday.  We also invite readers to send photos of their pet or pets. Please add a few details with each submission to make the photographs more interesting  to those who see them.

Please send your photos of wildlife or pet/s to EditorBMToday@aol.com



 Sparrowhawk resting in my garden.

 From Chris Higgins

 One way to scare the pigeons away!

From John Archbold
Is this my tip?

From Elizabeth Wilkinson

 Wake up - I want to play!

From Maureen Kinnear
 Patiently waiting for walkies!

From Valerie Williams
 A prickly encounter!

From Michael Spurr