KEEN COMPETITION:  a game in progress between Peter and Carole against Charles and Richard

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Bishop Monkton Table Tennis Club was launched in January, 2011.  There are now eight groups playing every week (except Saturday)  at the Village Hall, as follows:

Mondays       10am to 12noon and 2pm to 4pm
Tuesdays       2pm to 4pm (mainly for Harrogate U3A members) 
Wednesdays 10am to 12noon and 2pm to 4pm
Thursdays     10am to 12noon
Fridays          10am to 12noon
Sundays        7pm to 9pm

The club currently has just under 100 active members with just over 20 living in the village.


Three or four tables are used in Bishop Monkton Village Hall when mostly doubles is played. The club also has a practice machine.  There is an outdoor concrete table on the edge of the playing field which is available free for the public.


Anyone wishing to join the club can click here for the Membership Application Form which also contains details about how to proceed.

Existing members, wishing to join an extra group or to swap groups, should talk to their Group Leader and also contact Ken Barker (01765 677200) or Martin Minett (BMTTClubTreasurer@aol.co.uk)


Chairman:  Ken Barker (677200);  Treasurer: Martin Minett (677521), Secretary: Carolyn Hope (608460).  

Group leaders: Lesley Wood (Monday am), Annabel Alton (Monday pm), John Wilson (Tuesday pm), Carole Minett (Wednesday am), Ian Hepburn and Ann Little (Wednesday pm),  John Lovel (Thursday am), Chris Procter (Friday am) and Tim Walbank (Sunday evenings). 


Most information about the Group or changes of the date and time of sessions is sent to Group Leaders to pass on to members or, in some cases, it is e-mailed direct to members. In addition we have now added a NOTICE BOARD on this site where messages are also posted. Please check it regularly to ensure you do not miss anything important!

Members of all the eight groups came together for a special Christmas 'open house' each year when interest focused more on the mince pies than hitting winners down the line! The above was a couple of years ago

To see photos of all eight groups please go to VILLAGE HALL USERS/TableTennis


Heading for Olympic Gold!