Recollections of The Great War


Chris Higgins relates the story of his grandfather's war

He lied about his war injury
to get his civilian job back 

IN CAMP AT RIPON: Arthur Higgins is arrowed.

Arthur Higgins
, Chris’s grandfather, spent eight months in The Somme in 1915 and on the last time he ‘went over the top’ he was shot with a bullet hole through the palm of his hand. He knew nothing about it until he woke up in a military hospital in Cambridge.

The injury resulted in him being discharged but, because he wanted to go back to his previous job as a coal miner in the North Nottinghamshire coalfield, he lied about his injury and, although he could not hold a pick, he returned down the mine.

Earlier, during his army training Arthur attended a training camp at Ripon (see picture above). It was by strange coincidence that his grandson came to live in this same area years later.


we tell the story of Private Horace Edgerley's war and how at one stage the war stopped while 500 or 600 soldiers bathed in the sea - naked ......much to the obvious delight and merriment of two French or Belgian young ladies who happened to be passing! (We are grateful to his grandson B.D. Scholey, son of Malcom and Eileen Scholey, for his research).
                                    Remembered with pride