Ripon Community Orchestra

Savouring the fruits of hours of practice

Ripon Community Orchestra uses Bishop Monkton Hall every Tuesday evening for rehearsals

The Orchestra, has a current membership of about 40 amateur players from Ripon, Boroughbridge, Harrogate,Thirsk, Bishop Monkton and surrounding areas.  

The conductor is Xenophon (Xen) Kelsey who, amongst many other things, is also Musical Director of the St Cecilia Orchestra.

The Orchestra's purpose is to provide an opportunity for all musicians,both young players starting out and players who for whatever reason have not played for many years or have taken up an instrument late in life.  Members go out of their way to welcome and encourage newcomers, so that they can develop in a supportive, relaxed and informal environment. 

The Orchestra is lucky to have Xen as its conductor.  He is an extraordinary musician who can advise all players on the finer arts of their instruments, as well as share with them his encyclopaedic knowledge of music history. He also regularly regales members with tales of some of the 'black arts' of orchestral playing!  The Orchestra tackles a wide range of music from Baroque through classical and romantic periods and also 'light classics'.

We welcome new members and rehearse most Tuesday Evenings at 7:30pm in Bishop Monkton Village Hall. In particular, we need more string players, trumpets, bassoon and percussion. If you are about Grade 4 or more and 12 years old or above, you should be fine.  

All players whose instruments have been gathering dust for far too long, or who have perhaps recently moved to the area and have been looking for somewhere to play, will be most welcome.  You can come to a rehearsal on a Tuesday, free of charge, to try us out.  You can contact our Chairman on 01423 772459 or check out our website for further information.