Methodist Youth Club 


Friday night is the time for
fun and games and a good tuck in!

HOOLA HOOP FUN: Youngsters get into a bit of a spin during one fun session.

Richard Field was invited to pop in to the Methodist Youth Club to see what goes on at

a typical Friday evening session. He was very impressed by what he saw, with the youngsters taking part in a myriad of activities, and having endless fun and enjoyment. He was so impressed he asked if he could join but sadly, he was judged just a bit too old!

Friday night is a special night for many of the youngsters in Bishop Monkton. It is the time they meet at the Village Hall for the very popular Methodist Youth Club.

The club was started two years ago by David Arundell who thought that the young people in the village could do with a bit more stimulus, enjoyment and fun in their leisure time. So he mentioned the idea of forming a Methodist Youth Club to the Minister, got an enthusiastic thumbs up, and held the first Friday night session in double quick time.

The club was an instant success, with around 20 attending on the very first night. and, because of the clever way it is run and organised, it has since gone from strength to strength, with over 40 youngsters now enrolled.

The night I went along to visit them there were 32 youngsters attending, and from the moment I walked through the door I could understand why the club is so popular – with activities and games going on in every corner of the hall and the lounge, lots of fun and laughter, and a long queue waiting to get their ‘sugar
fix’ from the tuck shop.

The Youth Committee marched in to meet me, and several shook me by the hand. All gave me a friendly smile. Their team leader, 13-year-old Abigail Baldwin, introduced me to each member of the team.

Apart from Abigail, the Youth Committee includes Izzy Spencer, Charlotte Enselme, Joe Pearson and Freddy Ashby.

They told me they meet every fortnight and talk about previous sessions and how they have gone, plan what to do in future sessions, discuss future outings, and talk about any problems and suggest resolutions and ensure the tuck shop is properly stocked up with the right sweets and crisps!

Afterwards the Youth Committee members took me on a tour of the hall and lounge, and we found every activity imaginable, with kids crowding in to use play stations and wii games, play table football or air hockey, have a go at table tennis or pool or go on the karaoke machine

Later Lucy Cotterill took charge of a game which involved everyone in the group with balls flying here and there, and shrieks of pleasure and delight.

In the summer the members spend a lot of the time outside, and particularly enjoy playing cricket, football, rounders and table tennis on the outside table.

David Arundell and his adult helpers are always on hand but only step in when things start to flag, or if youngsters are showing signs of boredom or start playing up – but everyone is aware of the strict code of conduct that prevails:

Respect everybody and everything
If you damage anything report it
No Fighting
No swearing

And the youngsters know what happens if they break this code. One time they get a warning; two times they get a red card which means they miss two sessions (and that really is a punishment which hurts!).

The involvement and support of adults is impressive. Apart from David the main organisers are: Tim Abel, Lesley Shervington and Pauline Arundell. Charlotte Spencer is administrator.

Other helpers include: Helen Wright, Helen Heap, Karen Severn, Andrea Edmondson, Karen Hobson, Chris and Catherine Wyatt, Lucy Cottrell, Roslyn and Mark Hall, Jim and Jo Watts, Dennis and Fiona Bailey, Sarah Worthington, Donna Ashby, Claire Hutchinson, Liz and Pete Dudley, Christine Storey, Sian and Jim Charvill and Karen Doderer.

Others who occasionally do crafts with the children are Elizabeth Wilkinson and Beverley  Bowden.

FULL HOUSE; The 32 youngsters and some of the adult helpers pictured at a recent session.

Questions and answers

Who can join:  Any youngster from year 5 at the school and upwards.
Is anyone excluded:  Although it is called the Methodist Youth Club, the group is is open not just to children with Methodist connections but also to those connected with the Parish Church or connected with no church at all.
Are there any vacancies: Yes. 
To whom do you apply: Contact David Arundell (tel. 676811) or any adult helper or member of the Youth Committee.
Notable recent successes:  Gaining a Certificate of Membership of North Yorkshire Youth (which had to show the club provides safe, positive experiences for young people) and winning a £500 grant.
What plans for the future:  David has a succession plan for sometime in the future when he may want to play a less active role, although even then he is sure to retain a close interest in the group for years to come and return to help out whenever necessary.

Keeping things running smoothly

Leading lights at the club


No shortage of things to do
Table tennis

TV games 

Plenty to do
every Friday
at the
Youth Club

Table football 

Tuck shop always does good business


THE TUCK SHOP always does a brisk trade.


Thanks for helping our club

THANK YOU: Members thank Pauline Beecroft for selling plants to raise funds for the club.