News from our Queen Elizabeth ll Field

New equipment is making its mark

VOLUNTEER groundsman Mick Jackson shows off two pieces of new equipment recently purchased by the Village Hall which will help keep the sports pitches and lawns in tip top condition.


Inventive minds are on the ball



NET GAIN: The inventive minds of Mike Jackson and Bob Upton have overcome the problem of wayward footballs causing a nuisance to residents living near the pitch.  To tackle the problem could have cost as much as £3,000 but Mike and Bob thought up a scheme to stop the balls at a fraction of the cost.  They got the loan of the Cricket Club's sightscreens for the winter and adapted them by adding upwards projecting struts and then purchased netting for just over £200. The new ball stopper is now located behind the goal and  hopefully the nagging problem has been overcome and it hasn't cost the Village Hall & Playing Fields a fortune. Well done , Mike and Bob - now everyone should be happy!


Taking care of our
ladybirds and hedgehogs 
as well as our sportsmen



We all know abut the wonderful work done by our volunteers in maintaining the playing fields for use for cricket, football, bowls and croquet - people like Alan Wigby, Mervyn Beecroft,  Mike Jackson, Bob Upton and others, too.

But what isn't known is that, apart from the mowing and strimming and rolling, they also do not forget the wildlife in that part of the village.

Bob Upton is particularly keen on this aspect of his work, and among those to benefit from his efforts are hibernating ladybirds which have had little homes prepared for them.  Our prickly friends, the hedgehogs, are also not forgotten with hibernation enclosures (sorry no hot and cold running water!) provided round the outer edges of the grounds.

Provision has also been made for the birds which winter here.

It is good to think that it's not only our sportmen and sportswomen who get all the attention


A welcome sign