Table Tennis Club

Boom time for table tennis

             Peter, Carole, Charles and Richard in action during a Thursday morning session.

Table tennis is the flavour of the month. In the seven years since Bishop Monkton Table Tennis Club  was started, it has become the village's most widely supported sport.

The club was set up in the village in 2011 by Richard Field who heard about a new club having been started in Ilkley. He became the first Chairman and Martin Minett, a co-founder member became Treasurer.  Since then, because of the success of the club, the committee has grown to include Pat Field (Secretary) and all eight group leaders.  We play quite seriously though with a great deal of fun!

Today the club has a membership of almost 100, and the hall resounds to the noise of balls being whacked around and whoops of delight and not a little laughter during the eight sessions which take place at the Village Hall each week.

The club has eight groups  - playing mid week (a mixture of morning and afternoon sessions) plus one on a Sunday eve.  One session is mainly for Harrogate U3A members while the other sessions have players from the village as well as from Ripon, Harrogate, Masham and surrounding villages with one even travelling each week from Northallerton.

The club was successful in winning an £800 grant from Sport England in 2013 which helped it acquire some new tables, so enabling its progression.  More recently these well worn tables have been replaced (from subscription profits) with 4 even more professional tables and a Practice machine.

The success of the club means that the Table Tennis Club is the largest contributor to Village Hall funds, now handing over about £5,500 each year (the equivalent of rental/hire) plus up to £1,000 for improved service and facilities in the hall.


When are sessions held?:  Monday 10 to 12noon; Monday 2 to 4pm; Tuesday 2 to 4pm (mainly for Harrogate U3A members); Wednesday 10 to 12noon; Wednesday 2 to 4pm; Thursday 10 to 12noon; Friday 10 to 12noon; and Sunday, 7 to 9pm.

What is the the standard of play?: In most groups the standard of play varies, but all mix in, and enjoy an average of six to eight games at each session.  Usually doubles is played though some singles depending on the numbers present each session (usually 8 to 14). The Sunday evening session is the only one reserved for more experienced players.

Who plays?:  A majority are retired, aged from mid 50's to early 80's.  Many who have started in the last 7 years hadn't played since childhood but quickly got to a standard where they were really enjoying themselves and many have continued to progress to a good standard.  We do have a few who have being playing for many years (including in local leagues) who also help those less experienced to improve.  A common comment from those who have more recently joined is 'I didn't realise how much fun it would be and how much I would get out of it - I wish I had started a few years earlier'.

Are there vacancies?:  Not many, due to the huge popularity of the game. However a few more can be included on a Tuesday morning and for those more experienced, on a Sunday eve.  Anyone is invited to come along for a free trial session and we will do our best to fit you in - however there might be a wait before membership is available.  Please contact Richard Field on or tel. 01765 677795).

Could any more groups be formed?:  We are currently looking at a possible new group which would be for virtual beginners or those who have not played the game for many years though it can only go ahead if enough people request it - the day and time will depend on Village Hall availability.  A monthly 'open house' session is being contemplated for a Sunday morning.

Club officials:  Chairman: Richard Field (677795);  Treasurer: Martin Minett (677521), Secretary: Pat Field (677795).  Group leaders: Lesley/Trevor Wood (Monday am), Charles/Hazel Read (Monday pm), John Wilson (Tuesday), Carole Minett (Wednesday am), June Foskett (Wednesday pm), John Lovel (Thursday am), Chris Procter(Friday am) and Tim Walbank (Sunday evenings). Coach: Charles Read. 

GROUP 1 : Monday 10am to 12 noon
GROUP 2: Tuesday 2 to 4pm
GROUP 3: Wednesday 10am to 2pm
GROUP 4: Thursday, 10am to 12 noon

GROUP 5: Friday 10am to 12 noon

GROUP 6: Sunday, 7 to 9pm 
GROUP 7: Monday 2 to 4pm
GROUP 8: Wednesday, 2 to 4pm