Methodist Youth Club


Happy 5th birthday!


A club owned and run by children
for children is
celebrating its
5th anniversary


TOMORROW, March 8th 2018, is the fifth anniversary of the Bishop Monkton Methodist Youth Club. This is one of the village's recent big success stories with youngsters queueing up each Friday evening club night to enjoy fun and games, frolics and food, and friendly guidance and advice! David Arundell, the founder, describes it as a club owned and run by children for children.


Five years ago on March 8th 2013,  Bishop Monkton Methodist Youth Club was formed with the blessing of the Rev. P. Malham.

We decided to try and run a Youth Club owned and run by children for children. This worked out quite well with the youngsters forming a committee and making up their own rules.  

After the first night held at the Chapel Schoolrooms so many turned up it was deemed unsafe.  So Isobel Wilson, Village Hall Bookings Co-ordinator at the time, for the Village Hall suggested it should move to the Village Hall premises, this was agreed on a three month trial basis.  

The Village Hall Committee decided to encourage the youngsters to use the facilities they had to offer.  We will be eternally grateful for their generosity.

The Table Tennis Club gifted us a table tennis table with nets.  Martin Minnett went to a school auction and purchased sporting equipment at a time when we had no funds - this was a wonderful gesture.  

Because we didn't want to charge entry for the children we opened a tuck shop.  The profits went to pay off our loan and then purchase other things needed.  We have also donated to charities to support children in need locally.

Most importantly, we could not have run this club without the mums and dads who have been on the rota and volunteered to help on the night. We are so lucky. 

There are many regulations we have to go through to keep things legal, and keeping us right is David Bray with Risk Assessment, Isobel Wilson with Safe Guarding and DBS, and Matt Davies for setting up the Youth Club First Aid and  providing general advice.

We love all our children and it is a pleasure to watch them grow in height and maturity and we look forward to the next five years.  Thank you in particular to.Lesley, Pauline, Tim, Matt and Dave.



Christmas fancy dress and disco

For the last Youth Club meeting of the year on December 15 we had a Christmas Fancy Dress and Disco with prizes for the best three outfits.

One of the judges was Matt Davies  Youth Worker from Holy Trinity, one of our regular helpers who is fantastic with the kids. He used to be a regular at the Methodist Holiday Club. The other judge was Caitlyn Foster one of our older original members who does not come all the time but we are always pleased to see her. 

1st Prize went jointly to two girls, Molly Owen and Aylessa Costelloe,. 2nd prize went to Liam Costelloe and 3rd to Tom Severn


Some very scary costumes at our popular Halloween disco evening!

Molly, Alyssa and Lizzie are congratulated by Emma Oates.


First prize: Isabella Gough. 
Second prize: Elsa Hughes.

Bishop Monkton Methodist Youth Club held a Halloween Disco Evening and fancy dress competition for the best Halloween costume held early in November. Although Halloween was a few  days before lots of children were happy to don their outfits again. 

Our special  judges for the competition were Emma and Katie Oates and here are  the winners.  Prizes were £15, £10 and £5.

1 Isabella Gough

2 Elsa Hughes

3 Molly Owen, Alyssa Costelloe and Lizzie  Warne

Well done everyone!

NOTE TO VIEWERS: Apologies if you are viewing the above photographs on an iPad, tablet or mobile phone because, chances are they may appear sideways. This is due to a technical anomaly which is known about but our server cannot resolve. Anyway, we thought kids would still like to see the pictures even if they aren't the right way round. All part of the Halloween fun!


Saying 'thank you' to people we admire ...

SUPPORTING TOM: Youngsters from the Methodist Youth Club who have raised £200 to support of Tom Oates's charity run at Melmerby on May 29.  Peter and Jane Taplin are also supporting Tom by donating the proceeds from opening their model railway to the public on Bank Holiday Monday. We all wish Tom good luck! 


To see feature about our Youth Club go to:
VILLAGE HALL USERS/Methodist Youth Club


Great things to do

Here are some of the things young people can do in Bishop Monkton these days:

Youth Club
 The Bishop Monkton Methodist Chapel Youth Club which started on 8 March 2013 is open to  all youngsters from Year 5 at primary school (aged 10 and upwards).  They meet  each Friday evening from 7 to 9pm at the Village Hall.  The club is run by a committee of six elected youngsters who decide on the programme each week.  Many fun activities are on offer and entry is not charged.  
If your child is interested please contact David Arundell on Ripon 676811 or Lesley Shervington on Ripon 677564 for details on registration and availability as the club is now oversubscribed.  If there is  no room your child will be put on a waiting list.   

For details go to ORGANISATIONS/full list
For details go to ORGANISATIONS/full list.

A number of junior members have been enrolled in the Tennis Club.

The Bowling Club organises occasional coaching for young people. Look out for announcements next season.

Youngsters are given every encouragement to improve their cricket during the season. There is also an annual Lads v Dads match which is great fun. Contact: Martin Minett (677521).

Our excellent playground is a popular spot for youngsters to let off steam.

Entertainments Group
The Entertainments Group offers youngsters the chance to appear on stage in productions, particularly its ever popular pantomime. Watch for announcements.

Quackers (Before & After School Club)
Some of those at the School are enjoying all the activities that are organised at Quackers which are varied and good fun.

The annual week-long Holiday Club is held at Bishop Monkton Methodist Church usually towards the end of August. It is always very popular and tremendous fun. For children aged 5-14. 

On the last Sunday in the month BLAST (Bible Learning Action Station) takes place in the Methodist Schoolroom from 10.30 to 11.30am. All children welcome There is a lot of fun, crafts and games when learning about stories from the Bible.   


Don't miss the
Youth Club.
Every Friday.
Village Hall, 7 to 9pm